Vaccum metallizing is a process of evaporating metals ( commonly aluminum ) in side a vaccum chamber which then bonds on to the desired substrate ( object on which thin Aluminum. Coating is done ) to achieve a uniform metallized layer.

In vaccum metallizing a metallic material is placed in a vaccum chamber with the work piece to be coated. The material that is being applied is then heated until it starts to evaporate, this vaporized metal condrnse on the product or work piece as a thin metallic film.

Vaccum metallizing technology is most flexible process to enable all type of material without distinction of shape, structure and size to be coated. This process gives technical as well as ornamental object a very shiny, reflecting, metallic look in different colour. In addition product obtains high surface resistance and gains a decorative look lasting in time.

Vaccum metallizing has many uses including EMI / RFI / ESD shielding decorative chrome and metallic finishes, highly reflective coating for lights reflector, heat shelding, vapour barriers, etc.

ESD :- Electrostatic discharge.
RFI :- Radio frequency interference.
EMI :- Electromagnetic interference.

Thermal evaporation otherwise known as vaccum metallizing and is the most commonly known as PVD ( Physical Vapour Deposition ) process used to apply metal alloy under vaccum.

Coating with metallic effect are concerned having high abrasion and chemical resistance mainly chrome and stainless steel deposition or carbides and nitrides of transition metals ( titanium & zirconium ) are produced.

Sputtering is a dry process at low temperature and forms an indestructible bond between film and object to be coated ( binds them together at molecular level ).
It is a cleanest coating technique of production which economically, efficiently generates the thinnest uniform coating. It offers great versatility compared to other coating since being a cold transfer, it can be used for deposition on any temperature sensitive object.

Coating using sputtering is one of the most flexible method to physically “ PVD”
( physical vapour deposition )