Spray painting is a painting technique where a device is used to spray a coat of paint, ink, varnish, etc. through the pressurized air onto a surface of an object.

This process may be manual or fully automatic to achieve a uniform coating of a paint, ink, varnish, etc. on an object.

This process when paint is applied to an object through the use of an air pressurized spray gun. The air gun has a nozzle, paint basin and air compressor. When the trigger of gun is pressed the paint mixes with the compressed air stream and is released in a fine spray.

There are different type of nozzle used know as full cone, hollow cone and flat stream due to this variety of range consistency of paint coating on a respective shape and size of an object is obtained.

Spray guns is been developed from air brushes and both are usually distinguished by their size and size of the spray pattern which they produce. Air brushes are hand held and used instead of a brush for detailed work.

Air gun spraying uses equipment that is generally larger and most probably used for covering large surface area with spraying even coating of paint.