Paint filling offers the broadest number of option in terms of material, colour and application. For metal and rigid plastics it is best to use a fast drying, oil based enamel and mineral spirit for cleaning operation. Engraved portion should be smooth, free from burs and should have sufficient depth to hold the paint.

A paint fill is also known as colour fill. It is a process of painting a recessed area of a surface without getting painted on the area surrounding the recessed portion. These recesses are most often letters and are in different shape and pattern. They are usually created through etching or engraving and in case of plastics it is through injection molding. Because the borders are predefined, paint fills are generally quite easy to do with a simple method by colour pouring or by craft brush.

Colour filling is a term used within the awards and engraving industry to describe variety of techniques used to add colour or contrast to engraving. Even though there are a wide variety of engraving materials available in a multitude of colour, thickness and finishes there are often times when it is desirable to colour the engraving to make it stand out or enhance the overall appearance of the product.

A dash of color is agreat way to increase the beauty and the value of many of the products duly engraved colour adds the perfect finishing touch to almost any item and helps to distinguish engraving services from the completion.

Colour can speak in thousand different ways