Aqua graphics is also known as 3d immersion transfer printing, cubic printing, hydro graphics, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging.

It is a unique decorating process and this technology allows existing product to be decorated without the high cost of re-tooling. The aspect of this 3d technology provides for the image to transfer to desired surface on a most rigid objects. Objects may be of metal, plastics, glass and wood that can be decorated with the process to enhance the value and adds uniqueness to various products.

For a name images like different wood finishes, marble, granite, carbon fiber, timber, animal print, brushed aluminum and unlimited textures. A wide range of multi colour pattern, base coat and top coat can be applied for the opportunity to change the colour, print and depth of any object.

In this process a specialized film called polyvinyl alcohol film is floated on the water surface and then an activator is sprayed on the film to dissolve into the water, then an object is immersed on the floating film ink layer and ultimately the transfer of the pattern is effected by the pressure of the water on an odd 3d shape of any object. After removing the object from the water it is dried and a top coat is applied to protect the design.