Electroplating is often also called Electro deposition.

Electroplating is a process of producing a metallic coating on a surface by the action of electric current.
The deposition of a metallic coating on an object is achieved by putting a negative charge on the object to be coated and immersing it into a solution which contains a salt of the metal to be deposited. And the objected to be plated is put on the cathode of an electrolytic cell. The metallic ions of the salt carry a positive charge and thus attracted to the object and when they reach the negatively charged object, it provide4s electron to reduce the positively charged ions to metallic form.

Electroplating is both an art & science based on several technologies and science, including chemistry, physics, metallurgy & electrical engineering and perhaps other factor too. It retains in some ways the aspects of an art in which experience is the only teacher. In fact of course all the science element can be learned only by experience and theoretical reading of texts. In field of electroplating no text can produce an expert electroplater / chemist without experience and that it is somewhat inelegantly termed as know-how.

A skillness & an ability to process

1) Chrome Plating

2) Gold Plating

3) Satin plating